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Desirable Divas

World's first metaverse fashionista. A Generative hand drawn art collection featuring 5555 beautiful women model NFTs of diverse backgrounds from around the world.

Get ready to see your diva become a desirable super model like Gigi Hadid or become a highly paid model ever like Naomi Champbell in the metaverse.

The holders can participate in the fashion shows organised in the metaverse through their NFTs and may even sign contracts with top fashion brands to make consistent passive income.

Utilities & Holder Benefits

Owning a Desirable Diva NFT does not only mean having a unique piece of art but being a holder also gives you access to the following utilities that helps you to generate passive income.

  • 1. 3D equivalent NFT - the holders of the desirable divas NFT will also get an equivalent 3D model of the diva.
  • 2. Portfolio creation - the holders will have the ability to create fashion portfolio for their diva that may include chaining hair styles, outfits, making and much more.
  • 3. Fashion contracts - the holders can also apply for various fashion shows and advertising contracts in the metaverse.
  • 4. Free access to events - the holders gets free access to the metaverse and free passes to the events hosted at the spaces owned by us.
  • 5. Revenue sharing model - the holders will make a % from activities like fashion shows, events, anchoring and from merchandise sales.

The divas are generated from over 150 hand-drawn traits. Some traits are rarer than others.

Join our tribe from members across 69+ countries celebrating lifestyle, inclusivity, growth mindset, and entrepreneurship opportunities for all.


Sumati BK
CEO . Motivational Speaker . Activist

Jakarta, Indonesia

Sumati is a motivational content writer, singer, child healing & brain development activity coach.

Maira Quisar
Lead Artist & Creative Manager


Maira is an artist from her childhood, she is a professional instructor and entrepreneur.

Software Development Manager


Jelena is a Software Developer by education, Gamer by profession and Entrepreneur by heart.

Monika Verma
Marketing Manager

Mumbai, India

Monika has over 15 years of experience in the field of digital marketing and worked for companies like Meta, Version etc and has decided to help us part time.

  • How we plan to use funds and timelines?

  • 2D to 3D NFT conversion

    * April-2022 to Dec-2022

    We have already started evaluating tools and technologies that can accelerate the conversion of 2D NFTs to 3D models. We are also excited to learn that we have opportunities to apply for patents.

  • Hiring & Product Development Support for 2 years

    * May-2022 to Sep-2022

    20% of the funds will be used to attract and retain talents in the space of blockchain, sandbox, digital marketing & amazon web services.

  • Buying land on metaverse like Decentraland

    * June-2022

    10% of the funds will be used to buy land in the community selected metaverse. The land will be used to host shows, festivals and community driven events.

  • Marketing

    * Dec-2022 to Dec-2023

    10% of the funds will be reserved for digital marketing and advertisements on various popular metaverses.

  • Co-create & Collaborate

    * Dec-2022 to Dec-2023

    10% of the funds will be used to invest and collaborate with NFT projects working in the same space and tie up with top fashion brands.

  • Community Wallet

    10% of the funds will be reserved for the community project. The community members will get to vote and decide how the money is used.

  • R&D - Metaverse

    10% of the funds will be used for R&D to build our own Divas's Metaverse.

  • Founders Share & Salaries

    30% of the funds will be reserved for the founding team salaries for the next 2 years. Founders are not allowed to use these funds for the next 2 years to keep the core team intact.

  • How holders will make money and timelines?

  • Unlocks @ 25% Mint

    Pre-sales HOLDERS rewards airdrops + signed prints

    Your early support means a world to us, which is why we will randomly pick 25 holders who will receive a Desirable Divas NFT airdrop and 100 holders who will receive a signed print of their NFTs.

  • Unlocks @ 50% Mint

    Monthly HOLDERS Rewards

    20 lucky holders will receive monthly rewards and gifts of up to $ 555 / month.

  • Unlocks @ 75% Mint

    Its getting real

    Now is the time when our team has geared up for the first community voting.

    1. You will be sharing your entries and thoughts on which metaverse we should be investing.

    2. Gearing up for the 2D to 3D model conversion and pilot releases.

    3. Awesome Merch now coming soon! You can match your Desirable Diva by getting some beautiful merch available on our website, redbubble, t-spring etc!

    If someone purchases a design owned by you, you will get 50% of the sale's profit.

  • @ 100% Mint


    1. Access to a unique and exclusive Divas Fest. An exciting evening where we will host young achievers, celebrities, artists, public speakers & influencers from all around the world.

    2. And because we believe that travel is one of the best ways to grow in both our personal and professional lives, we will be having a giveaway in our Discord for special holders (who hold 4 or more DD) where they will get a chance to win 1 of the 5 grand prizes: An all-expenses paid trip to a special destination.

  • More


    By the end of the day, we hope to build a profitable company in the metaverse advertising industry.

    A portion of the profit will be divided among our holders in the event that we are profitable.

The Making of Desirable Divas


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May, 2022

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May 2022

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